His exceptional skills have been instrumental in successful tour marketing campaigns for major artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Rascal Flatts and countless other high end commercial ventures as Victoria Secret.
He is a highly sought out designer and professional visual media developer that is well known for elevating the image of his clients to always look like a fortune 500 company or successful artist.

He has won many commercial and creative
art competitions which has led to his recognition by his peers and the media design industry. Andre has travel extensively, thus his work reflects a global perspective into his art and design.

His open mind, world class artistic ability, creative solutions and willingness to listen
and embrace his client’s needs can help any organization deliver the messages that they envision. He achieved his advanced degree
in Visual Communications from
​The Ohio State University.

André E. Hawkins

Art Director

The Owner

André E. Hawkins is a graphic designer, marketer, photographer, artist and writer. He has created effective designs for many businesses, organizations, foundations, independent artists and entertainers.  For many years André has successfully designed effective and essential print media imagery, branding campaigns and professional level marketing materials for the Entertainment
​and Music and Media industries.

Kenosis Design Innovations is a graphic design firm that was founded on April 23, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in creative corporate and independent design.  In the past few years, we have grown to include social media to our repertoire. We are the biggest fans of true design, and we give our clientele the most professional, high impact design products. We operate out of Cincinnati, Ohio, but we serve the national and international communities as well.

Professional Design Collective


Our virtual team consist of graphic designers, social media experts, writers, photographers 
and consultants who all work under the art direction of André E. Hawkins. We are an ever-growing collective that embraces our creative nature, along with our design knowledge, to fulfill the business goals of clients. We prefer to partner with our customers, to ensure their visions are completely realized. 

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